What Is a Metal Channel and How Is It Used?

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Steel is a highly useful metal that the metal-forming experts at N.W. Metal Fabricators in Hermiston, OR, can fashion into nearly any shape you desire. Channeled steel and other metals often are especially useful for construction, customizing autos, and just about any other purpose you might consider.

One of the more useful types of formed steel that we produce is C-channel steel. With it, you can create useful space between panels, affix and remove items on machinery and equipment, or use them for recreational purposes. There are many wide-ranging uses for C-channel steel, which is the ideal solution for many designs and engineering applications.

What Is C Channel Steel?

C-channel steel is a highly useful section of formed metal that resembles a “C” when turned on its side. The metal is formed with a hollow center section with either straight or curved edges that bend inward at 90 degrees at their tips.

The result is a channel that creates a space that could accommodate fasteners and other items and keep them hidden. The channel also enables the mounting of wall panels with air pockets that help to muffle noise.

When sound waves hit the wall panels, they can vibrate on the noisy side of the wall while preventing most of that sound vibration from affecting the wall panels on the opposite side. It is a terrific way to make offices and cubicles quieter while helping to improve privacy.

Hat Channels Work Just as Well

Hat channels are similar to C channels with sides that rise up to create an empty space between them. The tips are bent outward at a 90-degree angle. When placed with the crown on top, the hat channel truly resembles a hat when you look at it from one of the ends.

The hat channel works just about the opposite of how C-channel steel does because the ends are often situated on the bottom with the crown at the top. We can place holes in the crown that enable you to affix fasteners and other hardware. You also could mount the hat channel with the crown facing down and affix items to the brim. Whatever the purpose, we can produce the best channeled steel to perfectly suit your needs.

Contact Us for the Best Channeled Steel in Oregon

N.W. Metal Fabricators in Hermiston can produce C-channel and Hat channel segments up to 20 feet in length. Many types of steel and other metals can be formed to create the ideal channeled metal pieces for your project. You can call, contact us online, or stop by our storefront to learn more.

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