Machining Services in Hermiston, OR

Machining ServicesWhen your project demands precise machining services, delivered by experienced professionals, trust none other than N.W. Metal Fabricators, Inc. with the work. Through our full-service machine shop, we’re able to provide comprehensive machining in Hermiston, Umatilla County, Hinkle, and Charleston, OR, designed to meet the fabrication demands of your unique project.

With decades of machining experience, trust our team to deliver expert oversight to your project, no matter the unique demands it requires. We can offer you turning services, milling, drilling and a variety of other machining focuses, including shearing and rolling. Our shop contains all of the equipment needed to produce exceptional results!

No matter the size or scope of your project, we’re confident in our ability to machine it to perfection. Our shop is even equipped with various lifting equipment—including a 10-ton Drott with a 20′ boom—giving us the ability to maneuver all types of project with extreme precision. We also have access to larger cranes if necessary.

Water jet cutting

In addition to our breadth of machining services, we’re also able to provide customers with water jet cutting services in Umatilla County, OR. Our water jetting services are precise and powerful, enabling us to quickly and expertly cut metal for numerous applications.

Our cutting table is 6’x10′ and we can process material up to 6” thick. We have experienced staff in layout and design, ensuring efficiency and best utilization of the material, as well as a professional finish for every project we cut.

Our latest piece of equipment, the Mach 500 is unmatched in accuracy, quickness and speed. The system is revolutionary in terms of reliability and productivity, backed by the only comprehensive service program in waterjet.





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If you’re looking for reliable, experienced machining services, provided by a tenured staff that’s completely dedicated to the success of your project, N.W. Metal Fabricators, Inc. is here to serve you. For more information about our shop’s water jetting services, metal fabrication capabilities, or sandblasting work, please contact us today by calling 541-567-7171.