What Types of Metal Can You Powder Coat? Here’s How It Works

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Powder coating can provide a durable and attractive finish to many different surfaces. Powder coated steel and bronze powder coats are especially popular these days. In fact, many people prefer powder coats over paint. The process is especially beneficial when it comes to protecting metal surfaces.

There are many different types of metal surfaces you can powder coat, including bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and more. In fact, one could powder coat almost any type of metal as long as it can hold out against the heat from the curing process. Additionally, powder coating only works on metals that can hold an electromagnetic charge.

The powder coating process

Before the actual powder coating begins, it’s extremely important to remove dirt, oil and any other materials still left on the surface. This will help ensure the powder coating goes on smooth and lasts a long time.

The process of powder coating a surface is much different than painting. It involves applying a dry coating to a surface as opposed to liquid paint. This dry coating is very fine and made from several different components. The equipment commonly used during powder coating includes a feeder unit and an electrostatic gun.

After powder coating comes the curing process. Through the use of a specially designed oven, the curing process ensures the powder coating sticks to its surface. The process usually takes around half an hour to complete.

Why you should powder coat

There are many advantages when it comes to powder coating your metal surfaces. For one, powder coating is much more durable than paint, which is why many people prefer it for their metal surfaces. Powder coating is durable against heat, harsh weather, certain chemicals and much more. You won’t even have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for durability, as powder coats are available in many different colors.

Unlike liquid paints, powder coats don’t drip after application because they are made from dry materials. The process itself is also more environmentally friendly than painting. This is because powder coats don’t feature harmful chemicals.

While powder coating is used mostly on metal surfaces, it works well on other surfaces as well. Many people use powder coating on wood surfaces, ceramics, glass and more.

Finding the right powder coating service provider

Finding the right powder coating company to complete your project may seem daunting, but it’s actually simple when you know what to look for. For one, it’s important to make sure any company you work with has years of experience in powder coating. This ensures they know what they’re doing and will be prepared to provide your surface with a top-quality powder coating.

Good customer service is also extremely important. Be sure to work with a powder coating service provider that answers all your questions in a helpful manner. A good company will also help you choose the perfect powder coating for your needs.

If you’re in need of top-quality powder coating services, contact NW Metal Fabricators Inc. today. We can powder coat a variety of different metal surfaces, along with a variety of other materials. Reach out today for powder coated steel and bronze!

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