Are Harley-Davidson Frames Powder Coated or Painted?

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A fun part of being a Harley-Davidson owner is the ability to customize your ride and make it totally unique among all other riders. While the customization options are limitless, many riders enjoy updating and changing their bikes’ colors. When it comes to updating the color, riders have two options: they can paint the bike or powder coat it.

Although the debate rages on among Harley-Davidson owners, there’s no right answer as to which finishing method is better. If you’re thinking about updating your colors anytime soon, keep reading—this post will teach you everything there is to know about powder coating and Harley-Davidson painting preparation in Umatilla County, OR.

Powder coating pros

Before a motorcycle is sprayed with electrostatically charged particles during powder coating, the entire bike has to be stripped down—every nut and bolt needs to be removed. Otherwise, the bike would be damaged when it goes in the oven to dry. While this is a bit of a hassle, it ensures the bike frame is entirely covered with the powder coat. There’s no chance a piece gets missed.

In addition to covering the entire bike, powder coating is much longer lasting than paint. Elements like UV rays and rain have no effect on the finish. This also means you’ll never have to get the powder coating touched up or redone, like you might with paint.

Powder coating cons

The biggest downside to powder coating Harley-Davidson frames in Umatilla County, OR is that it’s not a DIY job. While you can purchase home powder coating kits, the result is often unsatisfactory. Because you need to hire a professional to do the job, powder coating is also a bit more expensive than painting.

Since the bike needs to be stripped down—which you can do yourself to save money—the process is also more time consuming. However, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the end result when you choose to dedicate the time and money to powder coating.

Painting pros

The main reason riders choose to paint their bikes instead of powder coating them is that it can be a DIY project. Riders like the feeling of satisfaction they get from transforming the look of their bike with their own hands.

Painting the bike can also be done on the cheap without sacrificing the overall quality of the job. You can paint your bike for as little as $50!

Painting cons

The biggest knock against paint is that it’s not as durable as powder coating. Even with proper Harley-Davidson painting preparation in Umatilla County, OR, the paint can chip or start to peel after a few years.

Our recommendation is to bring your bike to a professional to complete the paint job. It will cost a bit more than doing it yourself, but the end result looks better and will most likely last longer.

Turn to us for either method!

It doesn’t matter if you want your motorcycle painted or powder coated—our team has you covered! At NW Metal Fabricators Inc., we specialize in both painting and powder coating Harley-Davidson frames in Umatilla County, OR. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your project or to learn more about all of our different services.

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