What Types of Materials Are Used to Make Sheet Metal?

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In nearly any setting, we are surrounded with products made of various types of metal in Umatilla County, OR. These products, structures, furniture and more are created by fabricating sheet metal. The materials used to make sheet metal depend on the desired outcome and other factors that affect how the sheet metal can be formed and welded.

Several different metals used for sheet metal in Umatilla County, OR are common. Following are the most common solutions, as well as the crucial factors to consider as you choose materials to make sheet metal for your next project.

Stainless steel

Three grades of stainless steel are frequently used for the creation of sheet metal. Austenitic stainless steel features high levels of nickel and chromium. It is non-magnetic and is known for corrosion resistance and formability. This is one of the types of metal in Umatilla County, OR that is most frequently used for sheet metal.

Ferritic stainless steel is magnetic. It contains little to no nickel and is between 11 and 30 percent chromium. This option is typically chosen for decorative applications rather than structural solutions. It offers high corrosion resistance.

Martensitic stainless steel is a chromium steel. It has no nickel component and is good for corrosion resistance and strength. It can be heat treated to reach a variety of strength levels and hardness.


Aluminum is also among the different metals used for sheet metal in Umatilla County, OR. This metal offers natural resistance to corrosion and provides exceptional strength-to-weight ratios. Certain grades also provide outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity. Aluminum also features moderate strength levels while also offering high formability.


Brass features a lower zinc content, which makes it easy to weld, shape and braze. Sheet metal with high copper content is also highly corrosion resistant due to the protective layer on the surface of the product. This makes it a popular choice for applications where aesthetics is a top priority, such as consumer products and architectural solutions.

Factors to determine the materials used to make sheet metal

When fabricators consider the types of metal in Umatilla County, OR to use for creating sheet metal, they weigh the following factors:

  • Geometry: Certain solutions are better for bends and complex shapes. It’s important to choose a material that can achieve the right profile for the desired result.
  • Use: How the final product will be used is a crucial factor in choosing the materials used to make sheet metal in Umatilla County, OR. Manufacturers must consider what other materials and parts the metal will interact with and what stresses and environmental exposures the metal must be able to endure.
  • Size: The length of the product is another key factor. Certain processes can accommodate various lengths. The weight is also important to consider, as a lighter sheet metal may need to be chosen if the final product would be too heavy otherwise.

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