Top Tips from Your Sheet Metal Supplier in Umatilla County, OR

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What’s next on your machining project list? Whatever you plan to make next, you’ll need appropriate materials, equipment and space. Want to save some time and money on these resources? Your sheet metal supplier in Umatilla County, OR can help you reduce your investment.

How? Use the following tips for buying materials and reducing waste. You might be surprised at how much you can save on your future projects.

Choose Carefully

One of the biggest costs to any machining project is the material. Which option is best for your project? Choose the material carefully. Use stock sizes to keep costs to a minimum. If possible, choose aluminum over stainless steel or find another less expensive option that will work for the job.

Keep it Common

As you design your part, use standard gauges. Using common gauges will make the job simpler and cheaper. It will streamline the process, reducing time and financial investment.

Keep it Simple

Remember, the more complex your part is, the more expensive it will be to create. Try to minimize the complexity of your part by designing for simple angled bends. Avoid small bends on large, thick parts. Keep the radius of angled bends equal to or greater than the sheet thickness.

Keep it Consistent

Re-orienting parts takes time, which translates to greater cost. To avoid re-orientation, design bends that are in the same plan to the same direction. For further savings, keep bend radii consistent.

Limit Tolerances

Don’t assign tight tolerances to features that aren’t critical to the part’s function. The more tolerances there are in the design, the more expensive the part is to create. To keep manufacturing costs lower, assign tolerances to crucial surfaces only.

Don’t Overbuy

It might be tempting to buy extra materials in case you need them in the future. However, you can easily end up with materials you will never use. When you start a project, figure out exactly how much material you will need and purchase that quantity. Only buy extra if you know you will be able to use it.

Purchase Professionally

Scrap yards are a common source of metal. However, this is often a poor source for materials.

First, you might not find what you need. In fact, it’s likely that you won’t. If you need a specific material or quantity, the odds are slim that a scrap yard will have precisely what you want. You may waste time searching or feel like you have to settle for less than optimal materials.

Second, the quality is not guaranteed. You may end up with poor quality materials for your project.

Get Quality Products and Service

For the best results, look to your metal supplier in Umatilla County, OR. You’ll be able to find the quality and quantity you need for optimal results. N.W. Metal Fabricators, Inc. offers extensive experience in the custom production of storage bins, conveyors, catwalks, handrails, gates, storage tanks, water heater tanks, sanitary piping, steam piping, and trailer truck hitches.

We are your go-to source for metals, machining and superior service. Reach us today at 541-567-7171.

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