Beginner Tips for Machining in Umatilla County, OR

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The most basic definition of machining is that it is the use of mills and other tools to grind away and cut off pieces of metal. While it isn’t exactly a craft you can jump right into with no prior experience, there are some ways beginners can get started with machining safely that will put them on a long-term road to success.

Here are some tips for beginners about machining in Umatilla County, OR:

  • Always remove the vise handle: This is a step beginners often forget to take when getting started with machining. Your vise handle can jam up against materials or accidentally cause your material to come loose. Removing it makes for an easier machining process.
  • Make sure the stock is secure: You need to make sure your materials are held down in place securely and tightly. There are a lot of ways you can do this—just make sure it’s actually secure and stable so it will not move when you begin the machining process. It might take a lot of force with your vise or clamps—use whatever means necessary to keep it in place, both for the accuracy of your machining work and your own personal safety while doing the job.
  • Make sure you upload the right file: This is a mistake that can happen to anyone—uploading the wrong file into the system will result in the wrong shape or pattern being cut into your metal. This is a costly waste of materials. Even if you feel confident that you’ve uploaded the correct file before beginning, double check it just to make sure.
  • Make coolant a priority: Coolant is extremely important in the machining process. Not only will it give you a better end result of your machined material, but it will also prolong the life of your mill. You should always use it.
  • Make sure your software uses the right tool models: If you don’t put the correct tool models into your software, there’s a chance the software will think the endmill is either thicker or thinner than it actually is, which can cause some issues with producing the correct size or shapes. Always double check to make sure the software has the right tool models in consideration.
  • Watch the simulations: With the majority of computer-aided machining (CAM) software you’ll find have an option to simulate your project before you actually start machining it. If you actually watch these simulations, you’ll be able to find some problems that will be easier to fix before you actually begin cutting and grinding away the material.

These are just a few important tips for you to keep in mind when you’re just getting started as a beginner in the world of machining in Umatilla County, OR. There are plenty of training courses and other opportunities you can involve yourself in to improve your skills and learn from people who already have a vast amount of experience in the field. Contact NW Metal Fabricators Inc. today for more tips.

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