What Powder Coating Finishes Are Available?

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Powder coating is a method of applying a finish to a metal component through the process of electrostatic adherence of a pigment followed by a process of curing. Finely ground pigment and resin comprise the powder that is sprayed onto a surface electrostatically. The static electricity holds the pigment in place until the powder is heated and the pigment becomes fused onto the object.

Powder coating is a popular process for a variety of reasons, including its seamless appearance and the increased durability that it offers. In addition, it is a very versatile process. This process can transform metal gears, automotive parts, rims and more to like-new condition. When you decide to take advantage of powder coating services, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what kind of finish you want. There are a number of different finishes available to you, so it’s important to discuss your options with your steel fabricators in Umatilla County, OR:

  • Zinc-based: Powder finishes that include an epoxy rich in zinc are designed to mitigate the effects of rust and other damage related to excess moisture. In some cases, the zinc-based finishes can actually be used underneath a top coat to add an aesthetically appealing effect.
  • Fluoropolymer: In some cases, it is important that the component that is being finished remain consistent in color and gloss level with the way it looked before the beginning of the powder coating processes. Fluoropolymer powder coating is the right choice when it comes to achieving a consistent color and gloss throughout the process. The finish is popular in industrial applications because it is resistant to abrasion and deterioration.
  • Non-aluminum: Many powder coating finishes are designed specifically to be used with aluminum, but the powder coating process can be implemented effectively with a variety of other alloys when using specialized powder finishes. This allows non-aluminum components to achieve the glossy and vivid finish that powder coating provides.
  • Extra specifications: There are some applications that require finishes to be resistant to specific things. Graffiti- and heat-resistant powder coat finishes account for these extra specifications. Some powder coating finishes are designed to limit the adherence of ink and paint so that they can be wiped off easily. In situations where metal components are used in close proximity to heat, steel fabricators in Umatilla County, OR can apply powder coating finishes that will not become damaged when they become exposed to heat.

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