The Importance of OSHA Standards and Safe Metal Fabrication in Umatilla County, OR

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The process of metal fabrication can come with certain hazards, which is why adhering to safety guidelines is so vitally important for metal fabrication shops. In order to keep workplaces safe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines rules and guidelines and may issue citations to businesses that do not comply.

Aside from maintaining a safe environment for metal fabrication in Umatilla County, OR, following safety guidelines is also in the best interest of a business’ bottom line. While failing to meet safety standards might save some time or energy in the short run, it can lead to hefty fines as well as dangerous working conditions that could result in serious injury. For these reasons, metal fabrication in Umatilla County, OR should always be done in accordance with OSHA safety recommendations.

Safety Guidelines for Metal Fabrication

One of the most common reasons for metal fabrication shops to be cited by OSHA is for concerns related to machine guarding and safe equipment use. Since fabrication machinery can pose the potential to inflict serious bodily harm to workers, safeguards are essential. A common issue relating to OSHA guidelines is the absence of adequate guards for dangerous equipment. Another major safety concern is the improper following of protocol relating to electrical wiring and hardware. A misplaced extension cord or a poorly designed wiring scheme can lead to an OSHA citation and may cause harm to employees if left unchecked.

Since the proper training of metal fabrication workers is essential for the safety of the workplace, it’s no surprise that OSHA is diligent in ensuring that material handling equipment is being operated in accordance with safety guidelines. Heavy machinery like industrial trucks, cranes and slings has the capacity to do great damage if it is operated by an individual who is not fully trained in its use. For this reason, it is essential that shops specializing in metal fabrication in Umatilla County, OR are ensuring that their employees are trained to adhere to safety guidelines and regulations.

In a metal fabrication shop, it is necessary that anyone working with or around potentially dangerous materials or equipment be properly safeguarded in the event that something goes wrong. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is monitored emphatically by OSHA since it is so important to the safety of fabrication workers. Respirators, eye and face protection, proper gloves, helmets, and shoes are all common elements of personal protective equipment that should be used in metal fabrication labs. It is always important to ensure that the PPE of employees is being used properly and that the equipment itself is adequate in meeting OSHA safety guidelines.

Prioritizing Safety in Metal Fabrication

At NW Metal Fabricators Inc., our first priority is ensuring the safety of our employees and our workplace as a whole. We implement comprehensive training for our employees, and we encourage and facilitate ongoing training to provide the most robust knowledge base possible. Our many certifications as well as our commitment to safety guideline adherence offer assurance

to our clients that we maintain the safest workplace and best-trained team possible. For more
information, get in touch with us today!

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