5 Benefits Of Sandblasting In Metal Fabrication

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5 Benefits Of Sandblasting In Metal Fabrication

1. Removing Corrosion

Sandblasting is a good technique for removing corrosion on metal surfaces. It can help to restore a metal surface back to its original preoxidized state so that it is ready for a fresh coat of paint or a coating. The blasting process uses a variety of different abrasive mediums, including steel grit, glass beads and coal slag. Each one has different properties and benefits for a particular type of metal.

2. Preparing The Surface For Paint Or Coatings

Before paint or coatings can be applied, the surface must be thoroughly prepared. This includes removing oil, grease, previous coatings, and any other contaminants that could impact the bonding strength between the metal and the new coating. This is accomplished through the use of abrasive blasting techniques. The process uses propelling sand to remove rust, old paint and other impurities from the surface of the metal. The result is a smooth, bare surface that is ready to accept paint or coatings. In addition, the abrasive blasting process leaves microscopic divots that help future coatings adhere better to the surface.

3. Preventing Damage

When it comes to protecting your industrial product from ruptures caused by fissures in its surface, the best solution is to apply a mechanical surface treatment like sandblasting. This procedure consists of projecting pellets (or grains of sand for example) at very high speed onto the surface of the material being treated. It is effective in preventing the apparition of fissures that can lead to ruptures and is also very beneficial for prolonging the life of your metallic parts by reinforcing their resistance to outside constraints such as corrosion or wear from friction or fatigue.

4. Strengthening The Surface

Using sandblasting to a custom metal product is a great way to increase the durability of your project. By removing any loose parts that may be affecting its structural integrity, this process will prevent the object from fracturing when subjected to impact. This will also keep the object from bending or cracking after its use, which is very important for commercial products and those that are subjected to regular movement.

5. Adding A Polished Sheen

Sandblasting works well to add a polished sheen to metal fabrication projects. This can be important for items like interior consoles, wheel rims, exhaust pipes and faucets that need a high-quality sheen. Polishing a metal surface helps prevent oxidation, which can cause the surface to look dull and fade over time. This process also removes imperfections such as nicks and scratches to leave the surface smooth and shiny.

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