What’s the Difference Between Cutting & Machining?

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The experts use numerous terms in the manufacturing business. These terms might sound the same, but they can be as different as night and day. Cutting and machining are two terms that people often use as if they are interchangeable, but they are not. Here’s some information about the differences between the two and what that can mean for you. 

What Is a Machine?

People get the term machining and cutting wrong, and they also tend to misunderstand the difference between a machine and machine tools. The term machine describes a broad range of mechanisms that manufacturers have crafted to take the burden of various tasks off of humans. A vast assortment of equipment pieces can carry the term "machine." 

A machine tool is an entirely different item from a machine. Firstly, it must be power-driven to qualify as such. It must also have sufficient value for the business and cannot be portable. The last two qualifications are the most important. A machine tool must use a cutting tool that removes excess materials and must also have the ability to do more than one metal-cutting process. 

One example of a machine tool is a lathe. This item is power-driven, non-portable, and has sufficient value. It can also perform various activities, like drilling, facing, cutting, grooving, parting, and knurling. 

A drill is an example of a machine, but it is not a machine tool. It does not qualify as a machine tool because it is a portable item. 

What Is Machining?

Machining is the process of cutting metal. It’s as simple as that. Many people make understanding the terms much more complicated than it needs to be. To perform the act of machining, the operator needs to use a cutting tool. 

What Is Cutting?

A cutting tool is an item that goes on top of a machine tool to perform a specific task. Together those two items do the job of cutting excess layers of metal from projects. 

Cutting vs. Machining

Cutting and machining go hand in hand but are still different. Cutting is the process of slicing something into pieces. It refers to cutting off the excess metal or material from a particular workpiece. Machining is an entirely different process that mounts the cutting tool so the user can do the work. The mounting tool is an additional element necessary to perform these tasks efficiently.

You now know a little bit about machining, but don’t be distressed if you need to learn more. Experts are available to do the work so that you don’t have to figure it out for yourself. 

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