5 Reasons to Include Waterjet Cutting

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Metal fabrication continues to be a very important part of any manufacturing process. With proper fabrication, you can customize a variety of products including handrails, storage tanks, garbage cans, and other items that are made of solid metal. While there are various methods for metal fabrication, waterjet cutting continues to be a very popular one. There are various reasons why manufacturers and custom fabricators will prefer waterjet cutting over other options.

What Is Waterjet Cutting?

For many people new to this process, it is common to wonder what is waterjet cutting. For those wondering what is the function of waterjet cutting, the process is simple and uses highly pressurized water that is used to create a very fast erosion process and cut pieces of metal. It can be done efficiently and provides various benefits that are unmatched by other forms of precision cutting.

Better for Environment

One of the advantages of waterjet cutting is that it is better for the environment. This type of cutting does not require the use of any heavy chemicals to cut the metal. There is much less waste left over than when compared to other types of fabrication. Ultimately, this can make it a greener way to cut and customize a piece of metal.

Less Heat

The use of waterjet cutting can also be better and safe for the custom fabrication company. There are always risks that come with any type of cutting and fabrication. However, waterjet cutting tends to be safer. As it does not use precision saws or extreme heat to cut, the process can reduce the risks. Further, you will not be left with harmful dust that could otherwise get into people’s eyes or damage nearby equipment.

Automated and Precise Work

With any form of custom metal fabrication, being able to make precise cuts to the exact specifications of the customer is very important. The use of waterjet cutting machines today can help with just that. These machines are able to be programmed with specific instructions that can be followed to easily cut the metal into any shape that you want. 

Quality Output

The use of waterjet cutting can also provide a great finished product. There tends to be very smooth edges, as opposed to sharp and rough edges that come with other forms of cutting. This can reduce the time and need that comes with sanding the items. 

For any company that is involved in manufacturing and precision cutting for metal fabrication, having an efficient means of doing so is very important. The use of waterjet cutting continues to be a good option for companies in this field. One company that continues to use this process is NW Metal Fabricators, Inc, which is a family-owned business that has been servicing customers in Hermiston, Oregon since 1986. You should contact the company today to learn more about their services and how they can help provide you with customized and precision-cut metal items.

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