5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Sheet Metal Fabricator

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Sheet metal fabricators are responsible for creating various products that allow households and larger establishments to operate smoothly. Notable examples of items made by sheet metal fabricators include ducts for HVAC systems and roofing elements.

You should look to hire a sheet metal fabricator if you need custom pieces made. Custom sheet metal fabricators may be able to provide the exact pieces you need to finish a certain project.

How can you tell if you are working with the right sheet metal fabricator? Asking some key questions will help.

What Equipment Do You Have Available?

This is arguably the most important question you can ask because it gives you valuable insight into what the sheet metal fabricator can do. No matter how skilled someone is at sheet metal fabrication, that cannot compensate for their lack of tools.

Specifically, ask about the tools needed to fabricate your sought-after products. Check if they have everything required before you decide to hire them.

What Are Your Specialties?

Once you’ve determined that the candidate you’re interviewing has the tools needed to complete your order, you can ask about their specialties. Talk to them about the techniques they like to use and which projects they are most comfortable with.

Hopefully, the sheet metal fabricator you’re talking to is already comfortable using the techniques needed to finish your custom pieces. If they aren’t, there is still time for you to look for a different fabricator.

You can also ask them if they specialize in using certain materials. The project you have in mind may involve extensive stainless steel sheet metal fabrication. It would be great if the fabricator you’re talking to already knows how to handle that material in the best way.

Will You Handle the Entire Project From Start to Finish?

The sheet metal fabrication process typically involves quite a few steps. The process may include designing, cutting, punching, bending, welding, assembling, and finishing. Some sheet metal fabricators will handle all of those steps in-house. Others may outsource certain steps to other fabricators.

If you don’t want too many people getting involved in your project or you just prefer to keep your order top secret, you should look for a fabricator who will handle it every step of the way.

What Other Projects Have You Worked On?

Asking for samples of the sheet metal fabricator’s work is fine. They know you will be looking for samples, so there is no reason for them to shy away from showing off their work.

Evaluate the samples properly and check how well they are made.

How Do You Handle Pricing?

Finally, you should also ask about pricing before wrapping up your interview with the sheet metal fabricator. Check if they can provide a competitive price or if they are asking for way more than other fabricators in the area.

You don’t have to seek out the fabricator offering the lowest price, but you should at least look for someone who provides competitive rates.

Finding the right sheet metal fabricator can take quite some time, but it will be worth it once you see the quality they deliver. Remember to ask the questions above so you can find the right sheet metal fabricator for your job.

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