What Can Waterjets Cut and Not Cut?

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There are so many innovative tools out there, including the waterjet. Waterjets are a tool that can cut a range of materials with precision and ease. Knowing what a waterjet can cut and what it cannot will help you determine if it is the tool that is going to work for you.

What is a Waterjet?

A waterjet is just that — a highly pressurized jet that can cut complicated shapes and materials that other cutting tools may have difficulty cutting. Since the jet is water, it is a bit more flexible and a bit easier to use with more delicate materials than a bladed cutting tool might be. Similarly, the waterjet is going to be a bit easier on your materials and is less likely to cause damage to whatever it is that you are cutting.

Waterjets come in a range of different sizes so that you can choose what size is going to work for the job that you have in mind. You can get waterjets that are very large and very powerful, you can get smaller waterjets that are more portable and so on. Waterjets are used to cut nearly anything, and they are a very versatile tool used by a wide range of professionals.

Waterjet Capabilities, What Can a Water Jet Cut?

Waterjets can cut a range of things from stone to glass, wood, some metals and more. There are some things that a waterjet cannot cut, including things like diamonds and tempered glass. Most commonly, waterjets are used to cut things like tiles, ceramic, and non-tempered glass. Waterjets are a great tool that can make it easy to cut materials that might not be easily cut with more rigid tools.

Waterjets are easier to use than some other tools and can be a great option if you have a material that is a bit more delicate than other materials. With something like stone, a metal cutting tool might damage the stone or cause chips and nicks that make the stone less useful and less cosmetically desirable.

A waterjet can help you cut these materials with ease and without damaging the material that is being cut. Waterjets are more versatile and will allow the user to make unique shapes, designs, and cuts that might not be possible with other cutting tools. These are very useful tools that can be used by a wide range of professionals and in a wide range of shops, including machining shops and for those installing things like ceramics and stone.

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