Making Sure Steam Piping Is Safe

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For employees in all sorts of industries, steam piping safety in Umatilla County, OR should be of the utmost concern. Left unchecked, steam pipes can cause all sorts of hazards. Leaks in the system can lead to condensation buildup, resulting in slips and falls. A pressure buildup in a faulty piping system may cause a blowout, which can result in severe burns or critical damage to other parts of the facility.

Continue reading to learn more about steam piping safety and the rating systems used for each component:

  • Piping thickness: The walls of metal pipes come in a variety of thicknesses depending on their eventual application. Steam pipes should be anywhere from 6.02 mm to 8.56 mm thick. Anything less than 6.02 mm means that the piping is unsafe for a variety of reasons.
  • Steam pipe ratings: Steam piping is classified as high pressure when it’s over 15 pounds per square in gauge (psig). All metal used for steam pipes must be able to handle this much pressure. If the piping can’t handle that much pressure, you may end up with a blowout when the pressure gets too high.
  • Flange ratings: The flanges in the steam piping system also need to be able to handle tons of pressure and high temperatures. You could be looking at another blowout scenario if the flange doesn’t have a high enough rating. The rating should be stamped on the circumference of each flange.
  • Valve and fitting ratings: Each valve and fitting should have their pressure rating visibly marked into them. Needless to say, only use valves and fittings that are appropriately labeled to handle your high-pressure steam piping system. Dangerous steam leaks can occur if the wrong valves or fittings are used.
  • Welding considerations: Finally, you’ll need to work with a skilled welder to guarantee your steam piping system is as safe as possible. Experienced welders know the best practices for forming strong and tight seals that won’t leak or cause a blowout.

Ensure your piping is safe

The good news is that steam piping safety in Umatilla County, OR isn’t all that difficult as long as proper measures are taken. Here’s what you can do to guarantee safety:

  • Have proper installation: Preventing steam piping failure starts on day one with its installation. Always hire skilled professionals to both machine and install your piping!
  • Conduct regular inspections: Checking up on your steam pipes is a great way to prevent a disaster. Though there are tons of examples, pooling water on the floor or a buildup of condensation on the piping are two signs that something’s amiss.
  • Fix problems right away: Don’t turn a blind eye to anything that looks off during your inspection. Bring in welders or plumbing professionals to fix any flaws in the system before they worsen.

Nobody tops our team at NW Metal Fabricators Inc. when it comes to steam piping safety in Umatilla County, OR. With over 100 years of experience, we can provide any sort of welding and machining services for pipes of all shapes and sizes. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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