The Value of American Society of Mechanical Engineers Membership

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Is it worth the investment to join the American Society of Mechanical Engineers? What benefits do ASME member companies enjoy? The fact is, this membership offers several advantages, making it a valuable aspect of your engineering business.

As you weigh whether or not to join the ranks of ASME member companies in Umatilla County, OR, consider the following benefits you could reap as a member.

Top resources

It’s important for engineers to remain on the cutting edge of their field, with access to the latest tools and technical trends available. ASME membership provides this access. Members receive trade magazines, newsletters, online reference tools and discounts on industry publications and conferences, all of which help them stay current in their field.

Career opportunities

The ASME Career Center offers engineering job opportunities and additional resources to help members find employment and further their careers. It also provides webinars and additional resources to help engineers sharpen their skills for further career advancement.

Key connections

ASME member companies in Umatilla County, OR are part of a networked community made up of more than 100,000 engineers, researchers and other professionals. This allows members to connect with like-minded individuals and other companies. The network includes mentoring, committees and volunteer opportunities.

Member rewards

ASME member companies in Umatilla County, OR receive discounts on courses and merchandise as well as insurance and travel. These rewards offer financial benefits and additional lifestyle perks that add value to the membership.

Tailored benefits

ASME member companies in Umatilla County, OR are diverse. This organization isn’t solely for experienced engineers or for those who are new to the field. Whether you’re fresh out of school or well into your professional development, ASME membership can help you further your career. The benefits are tailored to meet your needs where you are. Look for new career opportunities, sharpen your skills, network or get involved in industry efforts. It’s all possible through ASME membership.

Discounted membership

If you are just starting out in your career, you can receive a discount on your ASME membership. Those who graduated within the past four years receive a discounted price.

Is ASME membership right for me?

As you consider the many benefits of ASME membership, you might still wonder if this organization is right for you or your company. For additional information to help you decide whether you should join ASME member companies in Umatilla County, OR, reach out to your local industry experts. The team at NW Metal Fabricators Inc. would be happy to answer any questions.

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