Metal Staircase Material Options

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Whether you’re adding another floor to your home or you’re constructing a brand-new office building, installing a metal staircase can lend an eye-catching flair to the decor. If you’re dead set on a traditional wooden staircase, you might be overlooking a fashionable addition to your home or office. Metal staircases in Umatilla County, OR can have numerous benefits you never considered.

Three quick reasons to choose metal stairs

If you haven’t considered metal stairs, you’re missing out:

  • Metal stairs are not only easy to clean, but they’re also more durable than the alternative. Metal stairs stand up to stress and general wear and tear like champs.
  • A talented metal fabricator can construct a staircase that’s virtually any shape, size and material. The only limit is your imagination (and the laws of physics).
  • Because metal staircases in Umatilla County, OR can be constructed to fit any dimensions, they’re also easy to install.

Gorgeous, long-lasting and truly customizable, metal staircases are unparalleled.

Which material should I choose for my metal stairs?

More often than not, metal staircases come built from three major materials: aluminum, steel and galvanized iron.

Aluminum is exceptionally lightweight, which makes it ideal if you’re hoping to add a spiral aluminum staircase in Umatilla County, OR to your home or office. It’s also extremely cost-effective for those with their eyes on a specific price point.

Steel provides an ideal option for those with experimental metal staircases in mind. It’s tougher than aluminum, and steel is flexible enough to be shaped to meet your specific needs.

Perhaps the most durable material of the bunch, galvanized iron is coated in a layer of zinc to prevent rust buildup. It’s as tough as steel and nearly as malleable, but a galvanized iron staircase can last up to 75 years with no maintenance.

What type of staircase should I install?

Working in tandem with a metal fabricator, modern contractors can construct stairs to meet even the most avant-garde of client needs. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Straight stairs are easily the most common type of stairs.
  • Curved staircases function the same as straight staircases, only with a slight bend in their design as they ascend.
  • Winder stairs have a 90-degree or 180-degree turn. Rather than use a landing, however, winder staircases use partially turning steps to change course.
  • Landing staircases make abrupt turns using flat pieces of material that bridge the gap between two staircases facing opposite directions. They come in two primary varieties: quarter landing and half landing.
  • Spiral staircases wrap around a single point in the ground, saving space and adding an upscale touch to your decor.

Craftsmanship and artistry in one firm

When you’re searching for fabricated aluminum or steel staircases in Umatilla County, OR, there’s no better team to trust than the pros at NW Metal Fabricators Inc. For over 30 years, our highly-trained team of experts has carved out a reputation for being among the best metal fabricators in the state.

We’re also the team to trust when you need top-notch welding and machining services. For the region’s best customer service and most reliable craftsmanship, call on NW Metal Fabricators Inc. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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