Common Welding Safety Gear

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Safety gear is a key aspect of the welding industry. Welding companies in Umatilla County, OR rely on this equipment for daily operations. Due to the potential hazards of welding, safety gear is crucial to welding professionals.

A few items are commonly used by welding companies in Umatilla County, OR. If you are considering welding or are setting up equipment for a welding operation, put these on your must-have list.


When you picture a welder, you probably envision someone wearing one of these. A welding helmet is essential to this field. The art of welding involves powerful torches. The radiation that the arc emits can cause serious damage to the eyes and skin, so welders must don appropriate helmets at all times. The shield also provides shading so welders can produce more consistent cuts. Certain types of helmets can also help prevent the neck pain that can be caused by flip styles.

Goggles and Face Shields

It’s possible that welding must take place in close quarters. In these cases, it may not be possible to wear a traditional welding helmet. In these situations, goggles and face shields must be used instead. Handheld shields are available, as are weld masks that cover the head and neck.

Safety Glasses

While welding helmets help protect a welder’s eyes, welders should also use safety glasses. Worn underneath the helmet, these provide proper protection for the eyes. Choose a pair that meet safety standards for the industry and are comfortable to wear beneath the helmet.


A welder’s hands are exposed to high-level radiation and heat. Gloves are crucial for proper hand protection while welding. However, a welder must also be able to manipulate tools. A variety of glove styles are available that allow welders to both protect their hands and remain dexterous, from standard gloves to heavy-duty and TIG gloves.


Welding jackets protect the body during welding. These should feature flame-resistant materials and offer durability. Make sure the jacket fits the welder appropriately. If it is too loose, it could become a hazard rather than a protectant. A jacket that is too tight can also prevent proper movement while welding.


Aprons are worn under a welding jacket to protect the welder’s legs and provide additional protection for the chest. For complete protection, these can be combined with leather sleeves.


The act of welding inevitably releases fumes into the surrounding air. If proper precautions aren’t taken, welders can breathe these toxic fumes into their lungs. To prevent this, use respirators that attach to welding helmets and filter out metal particles, making the air safer to breathe.

Make Safety a Priority

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