Benefits of Powder Coating Your Equipment

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No matter what kind of part or component you are producing, you want it to look and perform as well as possible. There are a wide variety of colors and finishes that you can choose from for your components, but you should first decide how you want your components to be painted. One of the most popular methods of parts and equipment painting is powder coating. Powder coating offers a number of great benefits over traditional painting methods. Consider a few of the most significant advantages of choosing powder coating in Umatilla County, OR over other painting options:

  • Cost savings: Powder coating can save you money on the production of your part. Since powder coating is a dry painting method, you don’t have to deal with lengthy drying times, extra coats or additional steps to complete the painting. The powder itself is typically less expensive than wet paint so you can save on raw material costs.
  • Efficiency: During the powder coating process, powder is applied and clings to the material thanks to an electromagnetic charge. Because the material is tightly bound to the component that’s being powder coated, there is much less waste over the course of the coating process.
  • Customization: The powders that are used in powder coating can be blended, combined and layered to create a visual effect that’s tailor-made to fit your needs and preferences. There is a huge variety of different powder colors, textures, finishes and designs that you can choose from to create the perfect look for your part or piece of equipment.
  • Environmental safety: Lots of people are aware of the harmful chemicals and components that are often found in liquid paints and spray paints. Not only can these contaminants be harmful for the people who work with these paints, they can also lead to contamination of soil and water. Powder coating is a much more environmentally friendly painting method because the powders don’t release any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and the process is far less wasteful of the material.
  • Improved quality: Parts that are powder coated have a distinct finish that is completely unique to any other type of coating. This painting method produces an even finish without any spotting, dripping or patchiness. In addition, powder coated parts are far easier to maintain over the long term. You can clean powder coated parts by simply wiping them down with soapy water. The coating is also resistant to scratching, rust and corrosion, which improves its longevity.

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