Can You Powder Coat Parts That Have Been Previously Painted?

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You’ve heard of the benefits of powder coating. Now, you want to take advantage of them, but your parts are already treated. They’ve been painted or treated through some other method, so now you wonder if powder coating is still a possibility. There’s good news from your steel fabricators in Umatilla County, OR.

Yes, you can powder coat parts that have been previously painted or treated in some other fashion. It’s not too late to take advantage of this method for your parts! Here’s how it works.

Blast It

If a part has been previously painted or treated in some way, steel fabricators in Umatilla County, OR can sandblast the product to remove the old coating. All old finishes, dirt, rust and grime are cleared away to prepare for the fresh powder coating. The sandblasting takes the product down to bare metal, making it perfect for powder coating.

Coat It

Once the part is sandblasted, it is ready for powder coating. The powder is charged by an electrostatic process. This is the secret to the powder coating method. The charged particles cling to the metal product, creating a solid, durable, low-waste coating. A compressed sprayer is used to evenly coat the powder onto the product. As the powder is sprayed, it receives the electromagnetic charge.

Bake It

Once the parts have been coated with powder, they are baked. This heating process causes the powder to melt and solidify around the part. As it heats, it bonds to itself and the part. When the heating process is complete, the product has a strong, durable and professional finish.

Change It

The versatility of powder coating allows you to change the look of your parts. If your product is currently green, with a smooth finish, you can have it recoated with an orange and red texture. The possibilities are nearly limitless. Powder coating makes it possible to transform the appearance to create an entirely new part.

So, I Can Powder Coat Any Product?

While this process is ideal for many products, it is not suitable for all parts. Because the product must be baked, it is exposed to extremely high temperatures. Rubber, wood and plastic would not survive this process. As a result, powder coating is good for parts made of metal. If you have parts that have been previously coated and are made of any type of metal, they are likely ideal candidates for powder coating.

A second limitation is size. The product can’t be larger than the biggest oven available to bake it. However, ovens are often as large as eight feet tall and over 30 feet deep, offering room for a wide variety of parts.

Refresh and Renew

Don’t settle for less. If your parts have old, worn finishes, consider a fresh powder coating. Your expert steel fabricators in Umatilla County, OR can rejuvenate your parts and give them a new look with powder coating. Contact the experienced professionals at NW Metal Fabricators Inc. to get started on your next project today.

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