Four Food Industry Trends Influencing Manufacturing

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The food industry is a rapidly changing field influenced by customer demand, federal and local governmental regulations and commodity supplies. The manufacturing industry, particularly relating to metal fabrication in Umatilla County, OR, is often affected by ongoing changes in the food industry. Because large-scale food manufacturing often requires the use of specialized, custom-machined components, manufacturers often must build food production equipment that meets the needs and demands of the food industry.

Because there are a number of economic and regulatory forces constantly changing the way that food producers operate, companies specializing in metal fabrication in Umatilla County, OR often need to be flexible and ready to adapt. Thankfully, machining is a versatile process that can accomplish a wide range of results, depending on current industry needs.

There are a number of trends that the food industry will likely pursue in 2018 that will have a direct impact on equipment fabricators and manufacturers. Whether you belong to the food industry or are a part of the industrial fabrication and manufacturing world, it’s important to stay informed. Here are just some of the things to look out for in the coming year:

  • Increased automation: As with all industries, food production is currently experiencing a period of increased automation. This means that companies are relying on more mechanical equipment than ever before to meet their production goals. Additionally, they are employing more skilled workers. These shifts are both affecting the way in which manufacturers fabricate food-related equipment.
  • Small-batch production: Consumers are increasingly demanding small-batch, specialty goods. This means that companies may be seeking smaller food manufacturing equipment pieces. Additionally, it’s becoming increasingly important for food producers to separate production of allergy-sensitive foods, like nuts and gluten. This means that producers may order smaller pieces of equipment, but in higher quantities.
  • Enhanced regulatory frameworks: Recent E. coli outbreaks stemming from Arizona lettuce farms show that the U.S. still has a long way to go when it comes to food safety. Across the nation, federal and local authorities are stepping up enforcement of existing food safety laws, which means that many companies will need to update their gear.
  • Supermarket changes: Supermarkets themselves are rapidly changing. As companies like Amazon continue to redefine the grocery shopping experience as we know it, manufacturers will have to build production equipment that keeps up with shifting demand. Groceries and food items now must be easier to ship and more conveniently

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