CNC Machines vs. Manual Machines: A Review of Benefits

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Are there advantages to using a CNC machine? Is it better to rely on manual machines? With advances in technology occurring nearly every day, it can be hard to know which methods are best for your circumstances. Your welder in Umatilla County, OR offers the following overview of the benefits of CNC machines. Use this guide as you choose which method of machining to use for your next project:

  • Human error reduction: With CNC machines, human error is practically eliminated. Machines are operated via digital templates. Machines are autonomous. By greatly reducing the risk of operator error, CNC machines increase efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Precise movements: CNC machines can complete precise, repetitive movements that are impossible by hand. They allow manufacturers to create detailed pieces otherwise difficult to complete.
  • Around-the-clock work: CNC machines don’t need food, restroom breaks or sleep. They can work around the clock, on weekends and holidays. Other than the occasional repair or maintenance, they offer reliable labor with few demands.
  • High production level: Once CNC machines are programmed properly, they can consistently deliver high quantities of the desired product. This allows company expansion and increased profits.
  • Flexible outputs: CNC machines can produce any size or shape desired. Any texture needed, the CNC machine can create it. Other machines can’t. Advanced design software for CNC machines allow unique outputs that manual machines cannot replicate.
  • Uniformity: Conventional machines produce components that have slight variations from each other. This is not so with CNC machines. Their programmed movements create the same product every time. There is no danger of variation that may result in a product that doesn’t meet desired specifications.
  • Increased safety: Conventional drills, lathes and punches require operator involvement. Humans must come in close proximity to potentially dangerous tools. With CNC machines, operators can maintain a safe distance from these tools. The risk of injury is greatly reduced.
  • Reduced cost: CNC machining requires fewer employees to complete production. One operator may be in charge of multiple autonomous CNC machines. One programmer can create the program for all of the machines. This reduction in labor costs can give the manufacturer a significant advantage.
  • Replication: Using manual machines, operators may not be able to reproduce the same quality item every time. CNC machines do not struggle with this. The program simply re-executes the same movements and creates a reliable result each time.
  • Smoother operations: Manual machining is more likely to cause headaches than CNC machining. A shortage of staff, underperformance or employees who are out sick or on vacation are just a few examples. Even minor on-the-job injuries are a significant hassle to handle. By reducing the labor force and potential issues involved, CNC machines create smoother operations.

Would you like to learn more about CNC machines and their applications? Your welder in Umatilla County, OR can answer any questions you have. Contact the professionals at NW Metal Fabricators Inc. to discover everything you need to know about CNC machines. We are ready to assist you with all your steel fabrication needs.

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