Five Ways to Maintain Surfaces After Powder Coating in Umatilla County, OR

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So, you own powder coated items—patio furniture, playground equipment, outdoor sports equipment, metal railings, etc. How do you care for and maintain them? This type of coating is more durable and lasts longer than paint, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally immune to extreme heat, cold, dirt and dust.

Here are some methods for maintaining surfaces after powder coating in Umatilla County, OR:

  • Clean it: If powder coated products or surfaces are not too dirty, simply wipe them clean using a soft, clean brush or cloth. Doing this simple cleaning method regularly can remove dust and other particulates, preventing debris from building up. For a more thorough cleaning, mix together a mild soap and warm water, then use the solution to dampen a soft towel or sponge. After you gently clean the surface, rinse with filtered water and pat dry.
  • Avoid harsh cleaning solutions: Powder coating is meant to protect metal surfaces. It is extremely resistant to damage from the elements, such as peeling, fading, corrosion and rust, but that doesn’t mean it will hold strong against harsh chemicals. Using harsh chemical cleansers and solvents—like acetone or petroleum-based chemicals—can be detrimental to the finished surfaces of your powder coated items. The regular use of such chemical solutions will remove micro layers of the finish, fade color and gloss and the coating may become stiff and hard. Eventually it loses its ability to act as an effective protective barrier.
  • Wax surfaces: Powder coated metal items like outdoor furniture, fences, stairways and lighting fixtures that have lost their gloss and shine either due to age or exposure to harsh chemical cleaners can benefit from a good wax job. Before applying wax, make sure you’ve removed dirt and debris using a gentle soap solution. Apply a thin layer of wax—a non-abrasive car wax works—to a dry surface, wait for it to dry and then wipe off the wax completely. Wax a couple times a year to keep powder coated metal items looking like new.
  • Don’t touch up with paint: While you might be able to get away with filling in small chips on non-powder coated surfaces, you must be careful when dealing with paint imperfections and rust on powder coated paint. In the case of powder coated items needing touch-ups, paint is not the answer. It has to do with the powder coating process; the paint won’t adhere to powder coated surfaces. For this reason, when your powder coating starts showing signs of wear or damage, seek professional repair services or have the powder coating redone.
  • Follow a preventative maintenance schedule: You should plan on inspecting and cleaning your powder coated items according to a regular schedule. If the items are outside or otherwise exposed to the elements, you’ll probably need to wipe dust away more often than you would for indoor or covered powder coated items.

With proper care and maintenance, your outdoor powder coated metal items will last a long time. For more information about powder coating in Umatilla County, OR, feel free to contact the professionals at NW Metal Fabricators Inc.

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