Why Water Jet Cutting Services in Umatilla County, OR Are a Top Choice for Precision Cutting

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Whether you run an industrial operation or you have a small commercial business, you likely work with equipment and parts that require some level of machining or fabrication. If you’ve ever had any of your metal components laser cut, you are likely familiar with some of the problems that can occur when metal is exposed to high heat, such as discoloration and alteration of composition. These problems can be significant, but thankfully, they are avoidable.

There is another option available when it comes to cutting that does not utilize heat. Water jet cutting employs a highly pressurized and abrasive stream of water that cuts metals and other materials with a high degree of precision. There are many reasons why water jet cutting services in Umatilla County, OR are a superior choice:

  • Reduction of waste: The water jet cutting process is well known for its minimal production of kerf. Kerf is the scrapped material that is produced as a result of the machining of products. When the amount of kerf that is produced goes down, it allows more of the material to be used, which means less waste. This is especially important when dealing with expensive or valuable materials.
  • Versatility: Water jet cutting services in Umatilla County, OR can be used in a wide variety of different applications for a wide variety of materials. Everything from granite to paper can be cut using water jetting.
  • Preservation of composition: When lasers are used to cut and process materials, the heat can alter the composition of the metal and weaken it or change its properties. Since water jet cutting only uses water, you don’t have to worry about damage to the material.
  • Precision: Water jetting offers an exceptional degree of precision so you can get a component that is cut to the exact set of specifications that you need. Water jet cutting systems offer an incredible amount of control.
  • Speed: Water jet machines can be programmed and set quickly and easily to begin cutting your material in a timely manner. Because of how easy it is to program the machine with the specifications that you need, you can get projects finished within a relatively quick turnaround time.

Using water jet cutting services in Umatilla County, OR offers many advantages, and when you work with NW Metal Fabricators Inc., you can get the best service available. We are a family owned business with a passion for providing quality work and friendly customer service since 1986. We specialize in providing components to clients in the food processing industry, but we also provide service to a variety of other customers for an array of applications. Our dedication to quality has given us a reputation for excellence among our customers, and we continue to give the individuals and businesses that we work with an outstanding experience no matter what services they need. To find out more about what we do, or to get a free estimate for our services, give us a call today.

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