Resiliency and Versatility: Two Top Benefits of Powder Coating

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What do a bulldozer and your coffee maker have in common? They both probably have a powder coating. At NW Metal Fabricators Inc., your local steel fabricators in Umatilla County, OR, we’ve been using powder coating since the beginning because we know it offers our customers a wide range of benefits, from being eco-friendly to saving money. However, two of the things we love most about powder coating are its resiliency and versatility.


We know you work hard, and your equipment works hard too, which is why we also know how important it is that your equipment surfaces be resilient and durable. That’s why powder coating is such a great choice for heavy duty machinery and the tools we use in our daily lives. Here are just a few ways that powder coating can help protect your metal surfaces:

  • Weather resistant: Powder coating is weather resistant. It can stand up to ice and freezing temperatures, direct sunlight and boiling hot days, rain, humidity and whatever else nature cares to dish out.
  • Chemical resistant: While powder coating is not resistant to every chemical, it is resistant to a wide range of chemicals most commonly used in manufacturing and construction. From acetic acid to chlorine, powder coating won’t soften or fade when exposed to harsh chemicals.
  • Scratch resistant: Yes, believe it or not, powder coating is scratch resistant, too. If you’re tired of dents, scrapes, chips and scratches in the surface of your metal tools and other items, powder coating can help to eliminate the effects of everyday wear and tear.


When it comes to surface coatings, nothing is more versatile than powder coating. Literally thousands of parts, tools and other products are powder coated. Below are just a few examples of how versatile powder coating can be:

  • Automotive industry: From decorative trim and hubcaps to truck beds and multiple engine parts, powder coating has been keeping automotive parts protected and looking great for years.
  • Appliances: In more recent years, powder coating has made its way into the home by being used on appliances. From washing machines to even your coffee maker, powder coating keeps your appliances looking like new, plus it’s safe and eco-friendly.
  • Construction: Whether it’s the door frames of a home or office, the guardrails or sign posts for a highway project, or even the construction equipment itself, powder coating is found everywhere in construction projects of all kinds.
  • Household products: Besides appliances, powder coating can be found on a wide variety of other everyday products, including exercise equipment, furniture and even toys and cribs. Powder coating is literally everywhere in our world today.

As steel fabricators in Umatilla County, OR, we’ve found powder coating to be the best surface coating for all our projects and highly recommend it to our clients. No matter what your metal fabrication needs may be, you’ll find that powder coating is versatile and resilient enough for whatever your work day can dish out. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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