What’s the Difference Between Metal Fabrication and Welding in Umatilla County, OR?

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When some people discuss the processes that metals undergo in order to prepare them to be used for a specific application, they may use the terms “welding” and “metal fabrication” interchangeably, as though the terms are synonymous. In reality, there are specific distinctions between metal fabrication and welding, and it isn’t accurate to say that the terms mean the same thing.

Regardless of what industry you are in, it is important that you know about the processes that are used to prepare metal components for use within your business. As a general distinction, welding is a small process, whereas metal fabrication encompasses a larger preparation process—one that might include welding in Umatilla County, OR. There are several ways that you can distinguish between and clarify these terms:

  • Technique: The process of welding involves the formation of metal through the use of heat. There are different kinds of welding that can be used to shape and mold metal in specific ways to achieve the desired outcome. Metal fabrication can include welding techniques, but the term can also encompass an additional list of processes like shrinking, spinning, die cutting, stamping, stretching, finishing and more. You can think about metal fabrication as a sort of umbrella that covers a number of other terms, including welding. In other words, welding is a type of metal fabrication, but metal fabrication is not necessarily welding.
  • Implements: The tools used in metal fabrication will vary depending on the specific process, but welding in Umatilla County, OR requires a specialized list of implements. Things like electrode holders, chipping hammers, abrasives, benders and other specific instruments are specialized for welding and differ from other metal fabrication tools. Although many of the instruments vary between welding and metal fabrication, they share a similar disinfecting process. In order to curb the accumulation of germs, bacteria, contaminants and grease, it is important that metal surfaces are cleaned thoroughly during the fabrication and welding process. Most professionals who do metal fabrication or welding in Umatilla County, OR will use a wire brush with an organic solvent that is mild enough to prevent damage to the metal. The shop where these things are done also needs to be cleaned, and this is usually done through the use of mops and brooms.

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