Four Benefits of TIG Welding

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There are many different types of welding processes, each of which carries its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. The type of welding that you are hoping to accomplish and the type of material that you need to fuse will largely determine the welding process that you employ.

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding processes utilize a non-consumable electrode to provide the welding arc with electrical current. The weld puddle is then cooled with an inert gas, such as argon. This process is unique compared to most other types of welding in Umatilla County, OR, and carries several distinctive benefits:

  • Welding numerous materials: The TIG welding process can be utilized on more types of metals and metal alloys than any other welding technique. This means that you can regard TIG welding as a virtually universal welding process.
  • Creating cleaner welds: The quality of your welding bead is essential, as it will ultimately determine how well your creation will hold up. TIG welding creates even, strong beads due to its superior arc power and advanced puddle control. The process also eliminates spark and spatter on clean metals.
  • Use one gas for all applications: Argon can be used throughout the TIG welding process, meaning that there is no need to keep any other gasses or chemicals on hand in your shop. Employing the use of a TIG welding system means that you can keep your overall costs at a minimum and reduce your error margin.
  • Weld in multiple positions: Another aspect of TIG welding’s versatility is found in its ability to be accomplished in nearly all welding positions. It can be utilized vertically, horizontally and overhead. This means that the system is perfectly suited for welding in Umatilla County, OR in confined spaces and other similar situations.

Other welding systems include flux-core welding, shielded metal arc welding and metal inert gas (MIG) welding. These processes also carry several advantages; however, they are not as versatile or easily accessible as the TIG welding system.

Setting up a TIG welding session

In order to begin the TIG welding process, you will need a welding machine. Many welding machines are capable of connecting with torches from multiple welding systems, including TIG. In order to weld with the TIG system, however, you will also need to purchase a TIG torch that is compatible with your welding machine. Some TIG torches use water to cool themselves and must be connected at all times to a water source, while others can be air-cooled.

Your system should also include a TIG flowmeter, which regulates the gasses running through the system.

Finally, you will need to obtain a tungsten electrode so that your welding machine can form an arc. Selecting the electrode requires careful consideration, as it will ultimately determine the quality of the bead that your welding machine is able to form.

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