What Are the Benefits of Powder Coating Instead of Spray Painting?

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When you want to finish metal, there are a few different approaches you can take. Two of the most popular are spray painting and powder coating in Umatilla County, OR. These options are popular because they allow you to finish the façade of whatever metal object you’re working on in a way that offers color, sheen and tangible finality.

Just because they’re two common finishing solutions, however, doesn’t mean spray painting and powder coating are equal. In fact, the two couldn’t be further from each other. And, when it comes to benefits, there’s really only one clear winner between them: powder coating.

Spray painting

If you’re going for a purely aesthetic finish, spray painting is quick and easy. But that’s all you’re going to get! In fact, when compared to powder coating, the downfalls of spray painting are plentiful:

  • Spray painting is messy and requires a paint booth if you’re going to be spraying larger objects. Paint particles can get everywhere, which means precision isn’t always possible either.
  • Spray painting offers nothing in the way of protection for the metal. It’s simply a coating that overlays the basic metal finish. Because it doesn’t seal or cure, it can easily be scraped away, eroded off or stripped by chemicals.
  • Spray painting must dry, and because of this, it’s important that the paint be applied evenly and allowed to dry evenly. There’s little room for error when finishing with spray paint, and every uneven texture or unevenly coated swatch is going to show to some degree.

While it’s possible to produce metal that looks great after being spray painted, that good-looking finish lasts only as long as the coat of paint. And depending on the ultimate application of the item, that timeframe might not be very long at all.

Powder coating

Where spray painting lacks resilience, powder coating does not. In fact, powder coating is exceptionally durable and extremely reliable:

  • Powder coating cures when applied, ensuring the metal below it is completely protected. A powder coat can keep moisture and chemicals away from the metal for a resilience that’s unparalleled.
  • To finish a powder coating application, the metal is actually baked to induce a cure. This means everything naturally evens out and cures to the same degree. No uneven patches or thick/thin areas! Just a pure finish that’s smooth to the touch.
  • Powder coating is rugged. It’ll stand up to heavy wear and abrasion without chipping, scuffing, scratching or breaking down. That’s why it’s used on car parts and outdoor tools.

Before you decide to finish your metal, consider what the better investment is. If you just need a quick and simple finish, spray paint might be the way to go. However, if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck and want resilience and sustainability from your investment, there’s no beating powder coating in Umatilla County, OR. It’s the gold standard for metal finishing, offering all of the aesthetic qualities of a great spray paint job, with all of the durability that’s only found in powder coating.

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