Powder Coating Is Safer for Steel Fabricators in Umatilla County, OR—and for You

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Anyone who experiences the overwhelming stench of paint fumes knows that it’s not particularly good for you. That is why powder coating has become preferred among steel fabricators in Umatilla County, OR. It offers the benefits of color, surface protection and ease of application, and often in a way that is superior to conventional paint. Here are five reasons why powder coating is safer for our operators and our customers:

  • Not chemically based: Powder coating uses an electrostatic charge rather than solvents. Made with polymer resins and curatives, pigments, leveling agents and other additives, powder coating adheres to the surface without chemical interference. Traditional surface treatments are distinguished by their odor, which is why there are ventilation requirements in most shops. That is due to solvents, which are categorized as workplace hazards and toxic waste. When we use powder coating, not only do we avoid solvent fumes, but disposal procedures are also easier and safe for the environment.
  • Harmless exhaust: Any exhaust in this process arises from the equipment. The gun and hose system produce it, but it is immediately rendered harmless. Exhaust buildup in a powder coating booth can be released to the rest of the plant and blown outside with no polluting effects. Workers are rarely exposed to it, and if they are, the booth offers needed protection. This process also helps with cooling and heating costs because it demands good airflow, which also promotes a healthier workplace.
  • Material is rarely wasted: It is a priority to save material for environmental and disposal purposes, but also for cost. When you visit a traditional paint shop, you likely see paint splashed everywhere due to overspray. It is possible to overspray with powder coating, too, but the effects are less dramatic and detrimental. Powder that does not reach the intended surface is usually reused; little of it goes to waste. This makes powder coating clean and safe for people and the environment, and also saves costs.
  • Never hazardous: The Resources Conservation and Recovery Act defines powder coating as nonhazardous waste. Workers and customers may handle equipment and materials as if they are nontoxic, which enhances safety and reduces labor costs. There are fewer steps with powder coating, and no health dangers. Some local authorities may require specific disposal routines, but they are not nearly as burdensome as those required for chemical or hazardous waste.
  • Continually developed: These reasons seem to suggest that powder coating is nearly perfect for anyone who wants to use a nontoxic means of protecting metal surfaces. This is generally true, but the industry still wants to exceed its expectations. There continues to be research on how to make powder coating safer and even greener. The industry is often ahead of the government on environmental standards and takes pride in that accomplishment. This trend is likely to continue.

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