Five Materials Benefiting from Water Jet Cutting Services in Umatilla County, OR

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Water jet cutting services are in high demand because they create cleaner edges without chemicals. This allows for multiple applications because this method not only works well, but is also non-toxic. If you need assistance with shaping and welding material, water jet cutting services in Umatilla County, OR are an excellent option. Here are the materials that often undergo water jet cutting that shows its flexibility and utility:

  • Metal and its composites: As a metal fabrication shop, we handle metal and composites most frequently. Water jets work very well on metal, and we can handle material up to six inches thick. Titanium, brass and tool steel are frequently difficult to shape, and using heat or excess pressure often backfires. Water cuts right through it without distress. Composites are another challenge, and working with them often results in heat stress and damaged tools. If you would rather produce more and struggle less, consider water jets for cutting and molding your challenging metal materials.
  • Glass: Water jets are perfect for glass. Like some metals, it strains easily under heat and pressure, so cutting it requires skill and patience. Heat-sourced cutting frequently wastes material and leaves workers vulnerable to injury if the glass shatters during shaping. When you use water jet cutting, you can shape glass without compromising it. Stained glass is a favorite for this method because artists seek refined results and lower risk of losing expensive colored glass.
  • Paper: When you think of combining paper and water, you likely think of the mess. No one wants to deal with wet pulp, and if you’ve ever dropped a book or notepad in a bathtub, you already know the annoyance of drying out paper. Water jet cutting is different because of the speed of the water jets. There is no time for the paper to absorb the moisture. That is why you see it used where repetitive cuts demand accuracy. Notepads, greeting cards and reams of paper for computers and copiers undergo water jet cutting to assure uniformity. It maintains shape with little supervision and reduces paper dust, which can be a respiratory hazard.
  • Food: Water jet cutting is efficient and sanitary for food. The USDA approved this method years ago when it was discovered solid blades risked bacterial transfer. Each water jet cut is like using a fresh blade, and produce, meat and frozen food all benefit from it. Food processing plants also find that work areas are easier to clean. This makes water jet cutting a favorite in this industry.
  • Tile and stone: There is a greater demand for natural materials when replacing floors or counters. Tile, stone, marble and granite are strong and beautiful, but also expensive if material is wasted. Water jets pierce holes, remove sharp edges and shape without the risk of cracking or ruining the material. This produces more options in home design, too. With less risk associated with cutting these materials, homeowners can request unique shapes.

NW Metal Fabricators Inc. is pleased to offer water jet cutting services in Umatilla County, OR. Contact us today to take advantage of this technique.

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